Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support 

Abigail's Hope

Please contact us if you have any questions.  We thank you in advance for giving of your time.


Knitting and Crocheting Volunteer

We are always in need of volunteers to knit and crochet baby hats.  These hats range in size to fit babies of 20 weeks gestation through full term.  Most stillborn babies are born from weeks 20-25 and in turn, most hat sizes needed are for these ages.  However, because stillbirths happen through full term, hats of all sizes are needed and very much appreciated.  We love having a variety, so pick your favorite crochet or knit hat and please make them a bit smaller.  A good dimension to begin with is approximately 2.5" tall x 2.5" wide and go up to newborn sizes.


A baby blanket is another wonderful item to crochet or knit. 12" x 12" to 15" x 15" baby blankets made with your choice of a soft yarn are being collected to donate to these precious babies. 


Sewing Volunteer

Soft baby blankets are a big need for many hospitals.  When baby's are stillborn, most parents haven't thought to buy a baby blanket, especially if it's early on.  A 12" x 12" to 15" x 15" soft baby blanket is very appreciated by these families and we would love to fulfill that need.  If you are a sewer and would like to bless these families, please consider sewing these precious babies a blanket.  You may create these double sided blankets with flannel on both sides or one side flannel and the other side cotton, fleece, minky or other soft material.



Boise Volunteer Events

We host community volunteer events in the Boise area.  These are held at various locations throughout the Treasure Valley and are mostly to crochet and/or knit baby hats and blankets.  If you would like to help but don't know how to crochet or knit, please join us!  We will be available to teach.  This is a great opportunity to meet our team and for us to meet and get to know some of our wonderful volunteers.  All current events are shared on our facebook page.